Challenge Day 1 — First Full day of eating

Challenge Day 1 — First Full day of eating

Good Morning all!

As I mentioned in yesterday’s meal planning post, I’m doing a 1 week challenge where I take photos of what I eat.


Breakfast — 6SP

I start my day with coffee with splenda and a splash of milk — for 1 SP

You can see here I also have my new Hydroflask in teal — filled with water and ice — I’m trying to drink two bottles a day.

I also have an apple (0 SP) part sliced with a small spoon of PB (2 SP) and part diced in my Oatfit (3 SP).



Lunch — 7 SP

In the big bowl, a healthy serving of leftover kimchi jigae (kimchi cooked in chicken broth with seasonings) reheated with “Miracle Noodles” (0 SP)

A small bowl of rice (6 SP), a container of dried Nori (0 SP), and my second cup of coffee with splenda and milk (1 SP).

This left me super full — but not for very long.




Snack — 1 SP

That Kimchi Jigae flew through me — so I knew I needed a pre-workout snack.

I tackled a few cuties (not pictured) prior to lunch, but then whipped up the snack pictured below.

I started with a Wasa Sourdough Cracker (1 SP) which I broke in half and smeared 1/2 Tsp of seriously spicy hummus, and some turkey deli slices (0 SP).  I threw the rest of my portion of turkey lunch meat on top of shredded lettuce and added a hard boiled egg, some herbs, and red wine vinegar.  Had it all with a diet coke.

I have to say, it’s super yummy!


Workout!  (7 activity Points)




Dinner — 8 SP

While I was at the gym, this Barley Risotto with Turkey Sausage & Mushrooms was bubbling on the stove.  I had a serving for 8 SP.  It was AMAZING!




What did you eat today?

Have you tried those Wasa Crackers?

What’s your favorite pre-workout snack?



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