Challenge Day 4 — Holiday Party Oops

Challenge Day 4 — Holiday Party Oops

It’s Day 4 of my 5 day Challenge week — where I’m taking photos of everything I eat throughout the day.

Today, I made quick work of lots of leftovers but also had to attend a holiday function that was described as a Pizza + Dessert Holiday Party.



I started my day with more egg cups and PB toast — I’m all about eating things up before shopping again.  I enjoyed these 0 SP egg cups with a 2 SP slice of wheat toast and 1 tsp of Peanut butter for 1 SP.  I also had a cup of coffee before this for 1 SP since I add a splash of milk.


I made myself a plate of leftover roasted veggies from yesterday, brussel sprouts and carrots for the win!   I pair them with grilled chicken that was also leftover — all for 0 SP!!


I was pretty hungry so I wanted a more hefty snack — and since I knew I was attending a Pizza + Dessert holiday party, I wanted to make sure I wasn’t walking in starving.  There was a bit of chicken left, so I decided to dice it up and toss it on top of a baked potato (6 SP) and drizzle on some sugar free bbq sauce (0 SP).

Dinner — 29 SP!!

Sadly, I got so swept up in the festivities I totally forgot to take photos of my plate!  Here’s what I had:

  • 1 slice of cheese Pizza (It was little Caesar’s hot and ready — 8 SP)
  • 1 slice of Italian Cheese bread  — 4 SP
  • 1 small PB cookie –3 SP
  • 1/2 serving of grape salad — 4 SP
  • a few pieces of peppermint fudge — they were “bite size” pieces made by quartering normal pieces — 8 SP
  • 1 bourbon ball — oh man these were delicious — 2 SP
  • A diet coke — 0 SP

I saved my weeklies for this specifically, so I could indulge in the treats without going off the rails.  I was able to have lots of treats, to the point where I didn’t really feel like any more treats, while staying on plan!




What’s your holiday party strategy?

Have you ever had Bourbon Balls?  THEY WERE BOMB!

What’s your favorite seasonal treat?

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