Challenge day 5 and a few thoughts

Challenge day 5 and a few thoughts

For this final day of the challenge (which was actually Friday, but I’m posting this afterwards). I’ve decided to let my food photos speak for themselves.  Here’s how the day went…

















Protein Shake



A Few Thoughts after the 5 day Challenge

   1 — When I’m hungry, I forget to take photos! 

It’s like being in a full blown panic — when I’m hungry I just wanna eat eat eat.  Moving forward, it’s going to be important that I don’t let myself get that hungry!  I’ll be keeping things around the house to munch on to prevent the panic-hunger induced haze that washes over me while I gorge on whatever’s nearest!

   2 — When I’m thoughtful, I can plan it all out 

This is a common theme with me: when I’m thoughtful and take the time to plan, things go smoothly.  It’s when I’m shooting from the hip that things get wonky.

   3 — Would I do it again? Yeah!  

When I look back at all the photos from the week, I can really see what meals I enjoyed (because I repeatedly ate them) and what meals I wouldn’t want again or not for a while at least.  I also really like the accountability that sharing these photos has provided… So I’m going to continue to share them!  I’ll make it a regular thing.



Would you ever do a photo challenge like this?

What meals do you have on repeat?

Ever wish you could take bake a feeding frenzy?

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