Meal Plan Monday #4 — Christmas Countdown!

Meal Plan Monday #4 — Christmas Countdown!

Happy “7 days until Christmas”!!!


Plan for this week: Breakfasts

  • Omelets with cheese and Canadian Bacon  (3 SP)
  • PB Toast (3 SP)
  • Scrambled Eggs with Turkey Bacon (3 SP)

Plan for this week:  Lunches

  • Massive Salads (0 SP)
  • Wraps/Sammies (Varies)
  • Leftovers (Varies)

Plan for this week: Dinners

  • Mon – Korean Beef Bowls (10 SP) with homemade Kimchi! **My first time making it by myself!!!**
  • Tue – Turkey Tacos!!!  (4 SP for the tortillas — all the toppings are 0!! and 4 SP for chips and salsa)
  • Wen – Beef Meatballs (5 SP for the meatballs, zoodles are 0 SP, but I may use actual pasta!)
  • Thur – leftovers (Gotta eat em up!)
  • Fri – driving (road trip food!)
  • Sat – Michigan!!



This is the last week before Christmas, so it’s the last week we can really plan ourselves.  Next week, we’ll be at the mercy of the road and our relatives.


What are you eating this week?




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